Astral Travel – The Secret For Newcomers

Astral Travel – If youve ever drifted off into a pleasant daydream and imagined yourself floating somewhere high over the roof tops, then you may have been exercising astral travel! Have you ever dreamt about going to different places and seeing different people? That too could be a sign of astral travel. Astral travel is a state of mind that allows you to journey outside of your physical body, going to places you’ve literally only dreamed of.

Astral Travel Picture

Astral Travel Picture

Many people confuse actual astral travel with dreaming. This is not to say that each and every dream a person has is an astral travel adventure. When you first go to sleep and begin to dream it is your minds way of working through the events of your day. This is when the mind is trying to work out various stresses or events that were not settled while you were awake. This helps to keep you sane. Few of those dreams are remembered, and if they are remembered it is only bits and fragments.

Whenever you can vividly remember a dream, rest assured you were likely experiencing some form of astral projection. No matter what you intend to do with the information, it is a good idea to recall these dreams as best you can and put them down on paper in a journal. While one or two of these dreams will not make sense to you, there will be time when you can go through several of your recalled dreams and they will make complete sense.

Just as those first dreams you have at night help your mind relieve stress and work through the issues of the day in order to keep you sane, astral travel has benefits as well. Which is why it is important that you keep track of those dreams that you remember very well. It is these experiences that can help you, the benefits will vary by the individual and that is because each astral travel experience is unique to the individual.

Generally speaking though, benefits to experiencing astral travel and keeping track of your experiences can include a deepening of spirituality. When we say this, what we are referring to is a deeper connection to the soul and the world around you. This promotes inner peace and feelings of well being. Another benefit to astral travel is that it can increase memory and creativity. This is because astral travel sparks activity in parts of the brain that we typically do not use.

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An added benefit to astral projection is a boost in your psychic abilities. Those who practice astral projection claim an enhancement in their telepathic and precognitive skills, and also enhance their ability to sense spirits.

Astral travel is a path to your inner strength. It enhances just about every other mental skill and ability you already have.

Astral Travel Image

Astral Travel Image

Even skeptics who didn’t believe that astral projection and astral travel were real, experienced that ability to see and read peoples auras.

Aside from those benefits, one has to admit that it is fun to travel outside your body, to visit places you haven’t been before and to find that inner peace everyone craves.

It is hard to believe that astral travel isn’t consciously experienced by more people. Most people are simply afraid to try because they believe one must have the skills present. However, everyone is born with this ability as long as they are willing to practice it.

Everyone has, at one time, taken some sort of astral travel experience. Whether it is through remembered dreams or daydreams, everyone has done it! Flying out of your body is quite common even if you don’t realize it as that.

Now that you know something about astral travel, you can allow yourself to experience these events openly. The next time you have an astral travel experience, try to control some aspects of it. A little practice at this and you will see your mental strength increase each day.

You should be encouraged to continue working on astral travel. Anyone can do it, you just have to retrain your body on how it is done. There are many books and other resources out there you can browse to learn more secrets to astral travel. Using these techniques will make you an overall better person and help you achieve amazing peace of mind and success!